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Marked as: BETA
Status: Pending
ServerName: Dragon Block C : OMEN
Slots: 20
Languages: English
Group: http://discord.gg/vxWynP7
Owner: Colexor
Contact: alexandruflorexd@gmail.com
Hardware: 3GB RAM
Plugins: Essentials, Vault, ClearLagg, DiscordSRV, GriefPrevention, LuckPerms, PinAuthentification, RandomTeleport, Votifier, RewardVoting, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, bChatManager, AuctionHouse
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

What is DBC: OMEN?

Well, it's a NON-PREMIUM DBC server, that strives to become a large community. All of the races have been balanced, as the default configurations were heavily in the favor of Saiyans and Half- Saiyans, thus we recommend picking the other races, since, you will have an easier time.