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Marked as: Recruiting
Status: Pending
ServerName: Dragon Block Online
Slots: 20
Languages: English
Owner: LordDragii
Contact: Dragii#8656 discord. Email: dragiilord@gmail.com
Plugins: Server signs, Factions, holograms
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

Hello and welcome to the world of Dragon Ball online! My name is Dragii and I am the creator of this spectacular server! Well at least the vision I have for it is spectacular. I still require a lot of help to get this server to just a beta point! Looking for active staff members to help make an amazing server. So dm directly on discord at Dragii#8656 or email at dragiilord@gmail.com I respond more to discord though! To give a little insight I plan on having custom stories, forms, and maybe even a mmorpg of the Dragon Ball universe in the works! So if that interests you then hit me up! thanks for your time