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Marked as:
Status: Featured
ServerName: Wrath of Gods DBC
IP: wrathofgodsdbc.com
Server Online
Slots: 1/100
Languages: English
Website: http://wrathofgodsdbc.com
Owner: TMKnight
Contact: tmknight@knightmc.net
Hardware: Dedicated Server that has 4 Gigabytes RAM with SSD
Plugins: Essentials, GriefPrevention, Factions
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

Formerly DragonBros DBC, Wrath of Gods DBC aims to be at the top of the list! We have an extended StoryMode, buffed forms, (SSB is x40) and the staff are active! We boast a unique custom experience for all! We are constantly adding new content and love to hear your thoughts. We are StoryMode oriented, so the server aims to be aligned power-wise with the show. With custom music such as Ultimate Battle, Gohan's Anger, Limit Breaker X, Also we embrace the legacy of memes... WE HAVE A SHAGGY CUSTOM SAGA! 100% dank. (With Original Scooby Doo 1969 Theme) Join now!


- TMKnight