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Marked as:
Status: Pending
ServerName: Dragon Block Reverse
Slots: 150
Languages: English Mostly, but all languages are allowed
Website: http://projectnaruto.jingames.net
Group: http://discord.gg/tThE8aB
Owner: Emperor_Justin
Contact: Discord: Emperor_Justin#1846 Skype: TheFirstMinecraftEMpire
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403


  • Some of you may remember the Dragon Ball Reverse server a while back owned by me and DarkFD6000. The server was sadly griefed by the person who was going to be the owner when Dark stepped down. Well good news I am bringing it back for you old fans and am making it almost exactly how it was before. Even adding the old story system. For those of you new to this basically around two years ago now i began creating a custom storyline and a few months ago put the story line as a saga in the server db reverse. Although it briefly made an appearance on Crusaders and Xeno Pixels when i worked there.The story line is basically when Zamasu took over the timeline and there is an evil menacing transformation given to all the enemies and some allies from the original series to Super along with some movie villains and some GT villains.I said 2 years ago mainly because people may start saying i stole the idea from Fighters which I wouldn’t blame you for since DB Fighters evil clones color scheme is very similar to mine. Anyway apart from the storyline the server is also given a darker tone in colors compared to other servers for the purpose of looking evil and menacing. We have factions for players to have fun with and multiverse for the eventual Universe 6 once we get donations to upgrade the server for more memory. Next I suppose i should talk about what staff ranks we offer. Lowest is Helper which is just a normal player basically except they give new players help by explaining the server to them. Then Skin Designer which is also like a normal player but they create the skins for us in player model then convert it into a dbc model. Then trainee which is where all normal staff start out so we can see their skills and they can work on the server in it for a little while. Then RPG Item Master who will create rpgitem stuff for the staff. Next Builder, Mod, Admin, NPC Master, Dev, and so forth as normal servers have it. Due to how new the server is that is currently it for what we have now. Stuff that are in the planning phase are going to be kept secret as a little surprise. Here is the discord if you want to check out our current progress as we will keep the players updated there and i will post images here as well on the progress

    https://discord.gg/tThE8aB so here. To start us off i think we really just need 1-3 builders, 1-2 mods, 1 admin, and 2 npc masters. Skin Designers and RpgItem Masters we don’t have a minimal or maximum amount seeings as it wouldn’t interfere with anything