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Marked as:
Status: Pending
ServerName: Dragonforce
IP: dragonforce.enderscape.com
Slots: 100
Languages: English
Website: http://www.dragonforce.online
Owner: Aegous
Contact: Aegous#0001 (Discord)
Hardware: CPU: i7-4790k RAM: 32GB
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

The server includes a lot of custom coded mods to add additional content.

Current content:

- Custom forms.
- Custom fusion dance and potara fusion.
- Custom coded RPG like quests and dialog system.
- Gravity training system.
- Custom coded faction system that works based on DBC strength.
- Custom skill system.
- Raids that you can join and fight with other players 24/7.
- Custom weapon attribute system which can increase damage by up to 1 million with legendary cursed weapons.
- And many smaller yet useful features.