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Marked as:
Status: Pending
ServerName: Crumpet Craft DBC
IP: s20.hosthorde.com:26134
Slots: 100
Languages: English Only Please, all languages are fine but staff are english.
Owner: Lord_BeerusSama
Contact: NAv#4836-Discord MrProperFuckingCrumpets-Skype
Plugins: Essentials, WorldEdit
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

This is a server based on three major factors. Roleplay, survival, and killing things. Explore, and team up with friends to fight evil, or be evil and destroy. Ki blast explosions are enabled (disabled until world gaurd is fixed) so protect those around you, or be the one causing mayhem. You choose! 

If you crash whatsoever whilst completing or recieving a quest you will have to deal with it unfortunately until I can upgrade the ram and storage.