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Status: Featured
ServerName: Dragon Block Xenoverse [Daily Updates!]
IP: dbx.jingames.net
Server Online
Slots: 15/100
Languages: English, Other languages
Website: http://dbx.jingames.net
Owner: NorbiZ
Contact: https://discord.gg/8NCyxBb <-- Our Discord
Plugins: Essentials, WorldEdit, GroupManager, etc.
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

80 Story Mode missions
20+ Mentors
Custom Made weapons and skills (Instant Transmission, Ultra Instinct, Time-Skip, etc.)
And a lot more!

Latest server updates: Added Jiren to duel system. Duel point drop chance increased to 50%. Duel Shop costs increased (Due to drop chance). Added Sword of Hope and Dyspo's Speed to the Duel Shop. Added Parallel Quest 11, Added Broly mentor (Base Form - LSSJ), Added Movies to /warp storymode, we currently have one movie, Movie 01 - DeadZone.

Toda's server updates: Mind training moved to a better place. Mind training respawn time is now 30 seconds instead of 90. Mind training gives 3 mind instead of 1. New /warp ritual.