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Status: Approved
ServerName: Fury Gaming - Now With Hidden Forms! SS4! LSSJ! What Can You Unlock?
Server Online
Slots: 2/96
Languages: English, Portuguese, (Other)
Website: http://fury-gaming.enjin.com/home
Owner: Braxton
Contact: Skype: theatomicninja OR coralineneo
Hardware: 2 GB
Plugins: Factions, Marriage
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

        A friendly server with nice staff, we focus on Legit Dragon Ball Z Style survival, implementing JinRyuu's Dragon Block C and Family C plugins to enhance your survival experience, although we do have ranks if you feel like getting that extra edge. Of course we have the Factions plugin, but along with that we have the Minecraft Comes Alive plugin, a plugin that lets you interact much more in depth with villagers. Not only this, it changes the villagers to work and look like actual other players. Over time we will be adding new plugins and mods to make the server even more entertaining, but the mods we currently have will constantly be updated as soon as the developer updates it. This server is owned by none other than Braxton Fury.