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Status: Featured
ServerName: JinGames DBC Server 1.7.10 (Happy New Year!)
IP: dbcserver1710.jingames.net
Server Online
Slots: 29/100
Languages: English
Website: http://dbcserver.jingames.net/
Group: http://dbcserver.jingames.net/index.php/forum/forums/
Owner: JinRyuu
Contact: Contact page
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

If the ip wont work, try this alternate one: dbc1710new.jingames.net

  • Server Shop is available from ingame Stat Sheet menu! (Default 'V')
  • Extended sagas! (Kid Buu, Beerus and Frieza sagas!)
  • Custom sagas! (Super saga, Angel saga, End saga and much more!)
  • Stat maximum is 50,000
  • Custom NPCs!
  • Ki explosions off
  • Mob griefing off
  • keepInventory is on
  • Outlook Safe Zone on
  • Player size change based on attributes is on