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Marked as:
Status: Pending
ServerName: Dragon Block C Apollo CUSTOM FORMS!
IP: dbc.apollonetworkmc.net
Slots: 250
Languages: English, Baguette, Alguem BR, Google Translate
Website: http://apollomcnetwork.net/dbchome
Owner: XeroZon
Contact: https://discord.gg/ppaYPCA
Hardware: I9-9900K and 33GB DDR4 2400
Plugins: World Edit, Pex, On Time, and essentails.
ForgeBuild: MC 1.7.10 Forge Build 1403

Open in Beta

Jin's mods we use

DBC-v1.4.45 | JBRA-Client-v1.6.28 | JfamilyC-v1.2.15 | JRMCore-v1.3.5 | JYearsC-v1.2.3



-Story Quests - 65 (Saiyan Saga - Buu Saga)
-Custom Bosses - 12

-Movie Quests - 15
-Time Quests - 5
-Weekly DP's and Tournaments
-Custom Events
-Xenoverse 2 Theme
-Universes with God's and Kai's
-Friendly Community

3 Big new features every week!